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This new cartoon “Astro Boy” (two words) is the 21st century remake of the popular 80’s cartoon “Astroboy” (one word). “Astro boy” is a pretty good modernization of the Astroboy we know and love. It is obviously set in the future which looks more futuristic than in the 80’s “Astroboy”. The animation is improved, which is obviously done with computers in some parts whereas the original “Astroboy” was all hand drawn. But story-wise, “Astro Boy” is not quite as good as the original 80’s “Astroboy”.
If they wanted to shorten it, they could’ve just called him “Dr. Ocha” (“tea” in Japanese). Astro’s sister, Uran (Sarah, Astrogirl), is now called Zoran. Once again, I’m not sure why. Also note, it’s now called “Astro Boy” (2 words) instead of Astroboy (1 word). Maybe to distinguish between the old and new series?
Overall, “Astro Boy” seems to be a decent update of the classic show. I look forward to the new movie (slated for 2005).

Astro Boy (2003) Episode 28 English Dubbed